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Geos. 195D

Brickyard Arroyo

(32.047589, -110.953288)

Arroyos are steep-sided gullies that form in deep sediments. Arizona, New Mexico, and California are particularly susceptible to arroyos. We will visit an arroyo called Brickyard, just south of Tucson in the middle Santa Cruz River basin. We'll see deep sediments with changing textures and colors, and artifacts.

Wall of sediments, Brickyard. Photo—Jayme Kelter, 2007.

Pottery sherd at Brickyard.
Photo—Jayme Kelter, 2007.

Pottery sherd at Brickyard, two years in a row.

Brickyard, a dry year. Photo—Paul Sheppard, 2011.

Kicking back at Brickyard.
Photo—Allison McGraw, 2016.

Bone (upland habitat), decorated ceramic artifacts (people), and snail shell (marshland), all found, and left, at Brickyard.
Photos—Paul Sheppard & Monica Meginniss, 2011, Nina Kolodji, 2015, and Alexia Grant, 2019.

"Wall of Knowledge." Photo—Gaizka Urreiztieta, 2011.

Mini "Wall of Knowledge." Photo—Allison McGraw, 2016.

A new "Wall of Knowledge" this year.
Photos—Paul Sheppard & Melissa Schwan, 2018.

Older artifacts this year.
An Archaic point.
Click on the point to see more image,
and click here for description text.

Texture analysis at Brickyard, photo by Gary, 2024.

Zombies at Brickyard? Photo—Meghan Marriott, 2014.
Oblique aerial of Brickyard.
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